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Nathan's platform to put America's economy back on track:
  1. Reduce Federal Employee and Military Pensions Selectively (above certain GS level) to Balance the Budget
  2. Reduce Congressional Pensions- House and Senate Currently and Retroactively
  3. Curtail use of National Guard troops in Ongoing Military Actions by increasing army size through draft initiative.
  4. Promote the introduction of a bill to reintroduce the draft for all men (after they have completed high school or are over the age of 18-whichever come first by lottery) to increase size of army and let National Guard patrol our boarders.
  5. Reduce outsourcing of military rolls to private companies which have little oversight in congress and return responsibility to military.
  6. Introduce legislation to amend the Constitution to change term limits.
  7. Return Taxes Rates to those in exisitence Prior to Bush Tax Cuts
    Keep tax rates as they are now for those Americans with gross incomes
    $500,000 and below.
  8. Reexamine policies that will help more home owners to keep their homes if they have made an effort to make their house payments to banks- Boston Community Capital program.
  9. Selectively cut budgets and employees of all federal agencies.
  10. Selectively cut federal subsidy programs to farmers.
  11. Propose new policies for Earmarks including limits to any one legislator and means testing that any earmark must not only be beneficial for any particular legislative area but must also be shown to benefit all Americans directly - examples- airport construction for interstate travel, interstate roads, education facilities open to all Americans etc.
  12. Introduce a bill eleminating Presidential Signing Statements
  13. Introduce a bill to create additional Federal Programes that will subsidize the cost for Americans to become doctors and work with medical associations towards creating an accelerated medical education for qualified individuals.
  14. Cut the red tape on immigration policies for individuals such as doctors and engineers from other countries to come to America quicker- my doctor told me that it takes so long to see a doctor because we don't have enough doctors in America.
  15. Sponsor or support bills that support Tort Reform to lower liability insurance for doctors.
  16. Sponsor or support bills that legislate reduction of costs on what pharmaceutical companies can charge for drugs for people on medicaide and medicare or any other government healthcare program including VA programs.
  17. Sponsor or support bills that legislate reduction of costs on what service companies can charge people on government sponsored healthcare programs- i.e. dialysis programes which now cost medicare $6,000/mo per patient as compared to the same kind of treatment in India or Thailand which averages $600/month.
  18. Amend the 27th Amendment to get rid of Automatic Pay Raises to Congressman, Federal Employess and the Military
  19. We need a "Whistle Blower Act" and we need to amend the Patriot Act. The "Whistle Blower Act" will create more transparency in government and protect the rights people have under the constitution. If after investigation we find malfeasance is found on the part of government officials, "The Whistle Blower" should be rewarded not punished. This reward could be anything from a "certificate of appreciation" to "a promotion" or in the case of fraudulent or wasteful use of government money a "financial reward" should also be available" depending on the savings.
  20. The Federal Government needs to stop subsidizing state, county and local police, fire departments and prison systems.
  21. We need to seriously review agricultural subsidies and cut out these subsidies to well off farmers who do not need this money any more to operate their farms- this saved money can be used for food for the poor in our country such as continuing WIC type programs.
  22. We need to review the loop holes that allow American companies to move their headquarters offshore to avoid paying taxes i.e Transfere Pricing Arrangements through offshore subsidiaries. Most corporations in America never pay the 35% corporate tax but somewhere in the range of 20-25% which is similar to rates of other western countries and China. So if we remove the loopholes and return the corporate tax rates to this range maybe we can get the Corporations to bring the jobs back to America.
  23. Review National Defense Authorization Act of 2010 permitting Federal Employees who retire to be rehired in view of the fact that we have so many Americans out of work who may need these jobs. Every effort should be made to hire new employees before allowing retirees to double dip.

We can do it now........ We can do it together