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Nathan's Positions

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Getting the waste out of federal budgets will not be enough to bring back the American economy. It will take private industry jobs , government working in partnership with industry and technology grants to modernize small businesses to get the job done. It will take federal program that will subsidize the cost for
Americans to become doctors so they will not have such big debt when they get out of medical school- click positions button below for details It will take eliminating tax loopholes for America's largest corporations, reducing the corporate tax rate to 25% and making the offshore corporations repatriate their profits. It will take a return to the pre Bush tax rates for all Americans making more than $500,000 per year. Those that have prospered the most from our economy should pay the highest taxes and be proud Americans to do so.
Social Security and Medicare are not entitlements- they are a senior citizen right!!

Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Many Americans think Immigration reform means strengthening our boarders and it does. And I would take our National Guard soldiers and put them on the boarders until we could approach a near 100% closure for illegal aliens. But real immigration reform means redlining the bureaucratic paperwork in Washington to make it easier for our farmers to bring foreign field workers to this country and develop a healthcare fund for them that both the worker and the farmer would contribute to. The farmer could take a 1 and ½ time tax credit for his contribution and the foreign worker would not be a burden on our healthcare system any more. Real immigration reform would speed up the process and increase the numbers of professionals such as doctors, scientists and engineers who are needed NOW for the thousands of job openings in our country. If we want to keep jobs in America we need to help industry to have the kind of labor force that they need NOW.

Getting the Fat Out of the Federal Budget

We have to reduce the cost of all Federal programs but not at the expense of Social Security and Medicare - these are not entitlement programs. Americans have paid for them already but their government has squandered their money. It is now time for the government to pay the money back. There are billions of dollars of waste in the Defense Department budget ( Ask Tom Coburn- Senate Republican ) . There are billions of dollars of waste in the Agricultural Department budget . There are billions of dollars of waste in our Ear Mark system in which many members of Congress are more than willing participants. This system is in need of severe reform if not outright elemination. Even Medicare reform is needed. We must reevaluate the fees Medicare is paying for procedures such as dialysis and body part replacements- cut the fees but not the services to our senior citizens. And last but not least our Federal government must start the negotiation process with all pharmaceutical companies to bring down the cost of our medicines. We can no longer be the sole profit center in the world for the pharmaceutical companies.

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