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Georgia's 1st Congressional Dist
A Microcosm of America.

Sidney Lanier Bridge, Brunswick

We have sophisticated cities like Savannah and successful modest sized cities like Brunswick, Valdosta, Douglas and Waycross.

We have our fair share of military bases like the Kings Bay submarine base in Camden county, Ft Stewart army base in Liberty county, Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah and Moody Air Force base in Valdosta.

But we also have our fair share of small towns that were once alive and thriving with successful businesses that are now almost ghost towns.

Our district has been and still is undergoing sever stress at this time. Natural stress from severe shortage of rain that is playing havoc on our forestry and agricultural resources. And man-made stress as the result of a shortage of common sense in our federal government - Washington, DC. Your current representative in Washington is not doing his job. You need a new Congressman.

On the way to Waycross

It is time for all Georgians in Congressional Dist 1 to forget that they are Democrats, Republicans or Tea Party folks and start to think of themselves as Georgians who want to make all of America a better place in which to live. An America where all children can be guaranteed a good public education. An America where good healthcare is a right and not a privilege. I agree with many of you that there is a lot of fat in Medicare- lets get rid of the fat. Lets not throw the baby out with the bath water. Lets have an America where our senior retired citizens don't have to worry about losing their social security benefits. Lets have an America where our country working with it's partner countries around the world can solve crisis situations with diplomacy and without sending bombs and troops on a regular basis. We can not afford to keep spending $10,000,000,000 dollars a month on foreign wars when the domestic infrastructure of our country is falling apart.

And last but not least the election of 2012 is about "private industry jobs" and meaningful government-private industry partnerships that will boost the manufacturing base in our country. We need our public and business leaders to come up with concrete plans to work together to create millions of new jobs to replace those lost in this most recent economic downturn.

We are a "CAN DO NATION" but you the people must hold a fire to the feet of your elected legislators and this not any more true than our need to put Americans back to work.

We can do it now........ We can do it together